Making Peer to Peer Network (PC to PC)

Making Peer to Peer Network (PC to PC) > Computer network Peer to Peer (PC to PC) is a network computer, which only connect two computers where the second computer can be a server and client, so there is no difference between the client and server. In the Peer to Peer Network you do not need to use the hub in the two types of network computers (PC to PC) can be directly linked with 1 UTP cable.

As a note to make the network computer peer to peer UTP cable must be made with Crossover / Crossline because if you use Straight Through LAN cable is not considered to be connected (a network cable is unplugged) unless the Ethernet or LAN card that you use already support straight through with.

To create a network crossover cable / crossline as follows :

Prepare the tools needed:

a. UTP Cable
b. RJ-45 connector

c. Crimping Tool

d. LAN Tester

You need to know that the cable has 4 pairs of UTP cable is small in that has different colors. 4 pairs of cable are :

Pair 1: White / Blue and Blue,
Pair 2: White / Orange and Orange,
Pair 3: White / Green and Green,
Pair 4: White / Brown and Brown

Process :

Order of installation : One of the cable is made in accordance with the standard "Straight Through", while the other cable, made "Cross-Over", namely :

Pin 1: White / Green
Pin 2: Green
Pin 3: White / Orange
Pin 4: Blue
Pin 5: White / Blue
Pin 6: Orange
Pin 7: White / Brown
Pin 8: Brown
Please note that the crossover is made only one of the cable only.
Step by step installation cable UTP RJ45 connectors on the :

2. Separate winding four UTP cable into eight sections, after the Align each cable to be easily cut.

3. Arrange order in accordance with the color configuration and adjust the ends of the crossover cable that will cut the connectors that will be installed.

4. Use a cutter or pliers Crimping tools, cut end of the cable so that the flat cable is input to easily plug hole.

5. Enter the end of the cable that was cut to the hole RJ-45 connectors at the same time, and then using tweezers connectors Crimping tool so that the plug is locked.

6. Perform the test with the LAN Tester, if all the indicator lights up all the cables have been installed correctly.

After making a crossover cable to connect please finish the second computer, and setting each computer with the IP :

Open network connection (from windows explorer right click My Network Places -> Properties).

Right click Local Area Connection and select Properties -> Double click Internet Protocol (TCP / IP).

Computer 1 IP Address : - Subnet Mask

Computer 2 IP Address : - Subnet Mask

You can ping the computer 2 to 1 on the computer through DOS via Start -> Run -> type cmd -> then type ping

Ping function is for check transfer data from peer to peer network we have created earlier.

In addition to the computer 1 can ping a computer 2 directly in the Windows Explorer address bar with type \\ and vice versa.

Oke, process Create Peer to Peer Network (PC to PC) finished up here.
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