How To Making Network Cable (UTP + RJ45)

How To Making Network Cable (UTP + RJ45) > In Computer Networking Tutorial edition this time, I will give a demo and explanation of  how to create a network cable (UTP & RJ-45). For a network technician, making the cable network using the UTP cable is a matter that must be managed. Especially if you are a Network Administrator (Network Administrator). As an example I give the demo to create a computer network cable with Straight Through the method because, in general, many used for a large computer network is different from the Crossover, which only connect the PC to PC (2 computers).

Only first described, Straight Through the type of network cable used to connect the device to the computer hub or switch, or in the sense of the word menghubungan a different network device, such as :

Switch to Router
Switch to a PC or Server
Hub to PC or Server
Tools and Materials

We provide materials and tools we need :
UTP cable - the cable will be used to create the type of network cable UTP (Unshielded Pair Twistet). Usually I use Brand BELDEN made in USA or Belkin.
RJ-45 connector - RJ is an abbreviation of (Registered Jack). Is a connector that will be paired on cable end. To use the type of network cable RJ45.
Crimping Tool - The tool that we use to install the cable network. This equipment has multiple functions, of which can cut the cable, open the packet cable (jacket) and clamp the connector.
Cable stripper - Used to cut the fine thread that is inside the cable and can also be used to cut the cable protective jacket.
Cable Tester - Used to test the results of the cable is correct or not.

How to Make

Prepare the UTP cable along which we want to use. The most important rule should note the length of the cable, that is at least 1 meter and a maximum of 100 meters. If more than 100 meters, the level of LOS (Loss of Signal) be high.

In short, I explain through the following stages :

1. Cut the length of cable;

2. Use Cable stripper for UTP cable skin ;

Then look at the picture below.

Once we are outside the cut, color cable susunlah 8 Warni with the standard set (standard EIA / TIA). To make cable Straight Through Cable we stay cables such as composing a picture to the second end T568B (T568B - T568B) and to make a Crossover Cable, Arrange a cable to the end of the first order in the image T568A and T568B one edge (T568A - T568B).

Once arranged neatly and in accordance with the order of the color, make sure that the tip end of the cable is flat. If not the average, cut using the Crimping Tool.

Then enter into the RJ-45 connector

Then, enter the plug in the RJ-45 Crimping Tool and push handle from Crimping tool with strong enough, so that the copper pin clamp closely with UTP cable. Do the same thing on the tip of one.

Last stage is to test the cable network that was created by using the network cable tester. How very easy to use, enter the second end of the connector on each - for each port on the RJ-45 tester and turn the tester, note the second part of the indicator lamp 8 lights plus 1 indicator lights for grounding. If all the lights in a sequence of life on both tester, means for making the type of cable Straight Through has been successful. To test the cable Crossover Cable, see the thread back in the picture above.

Installation of the results :

Done, you have succeeded Creating Network cable (UTP + RJ45).
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