10 WordPress Plugins for Building Community Blog

Blogging is an activity in a virtual world that now is the rapid development, whether they are using blogspot or wordpress as well as where they poured all of his writings. In fact, we often find blogs to be used as a medium to earn money from blogging activities, perhaps the term term “Blog Monetize”.

But in this post I will discuss about the Blog Monetize, I will discuss the tutorial wordpress about 10 Wordpress Plugins for Building Community Blog.


1. Featured Content Gallery If you are not an expert in programming or design, Featured Content Gallery makes it easy to highlight the image, post, or any pages on your site. He served with luxury and contemporary design are fully customizable through the WordPress dashboard, so you can integrate existing highlight content on your site.

2. Popularity Contest - With this plugin on your blog community will know where the best posts on your blog pupuler, because this plugin will record all the most interesting posts and is often visited by the community on your blog.


3. Viper’s Video Quicktags – With this plugin you can incorporate video in your community with ease. Simply enter the URL of the video in the prompt box and a video preview right on your screen. Then determine the dimensions and other customizations you want to add and view your final product before you save it to the post of your blog. Supported video sites like YouTube, Google Video, Vimeo and others.

4. WPtouch – With this plugin on your blog community will be facilitated in terms of access to your blog such as the iPhone and other phones that use touch-screen system.

5. DISQUS Comment System – Comments DISQUS system that allows users to engage with your site using Twitter, DISQUS, Facebook, OpenID, and his other accounts. This is to prevent users from having to create a new account.

6. Customize Your Community – Customize Your Community (CYC) provides some useful options for those who build community in WordPress. This allows you to return to for the registration of a WordPress page, log in / log out, and forgot the password, and user profile pages.


7. Clicky – While Google Analytics is providing these applications, but Clicky gives instant feedback. Dashboard metrics including the traditional site, but also offers cool features, like “Spy”, which points visitors current location on the map. It’s an easy way to get a snapshot of your site and current activities, in conjunction with Google Analytics, so that will give your site a comprehensive activity.

8. Breadcrumb NavXT – With this plugin your blog community will be facilitated in exploring your blog, because in every post in your blog will provide this Navigation:

Home »Dance Music» Saint Etienne »Method of Modern Love

And the last is a plugin to make it easier in terms monetize your blog like ad placement and other settings.

9. Advertising Manager

10. WP125

OK that’s 10 Wordpress plugins that you can use in your wordpress blog. Hope
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