Download Samsung CLP-600 User Manual. This User Guide provides important information on setting up your printer, selecting paper, basic operation, and replacing parts such as ink cartridges. It also tells you how to maintain your printer to keep it working at its best, and provides troubleshooting tips in case you have a problem.

Table of contents Samsung CLP-600 User Manual
  • Introduction
    Special Features ~ Printer Components ~ Front View ~ Right Side View
  • 2. Setting Up Your Printer
    Unpacking ~ Installing the Toner Cartridges ~ Loading Paper ~ Changing the Size of the Paper in the Tray ~ Connecting a Printer Cable ~ For Local Printing ~ For Network Printing (CLP-600N only) ~ Turning the Printer On ~ Printing a Demo Page ~ Changing the Display Language (CLP-600N Only) ~ Installing the Printer Software ~ System Requirements ~ Printer Driver Features
  • Using the Control Panel
    Understanding the Control Panel ~ Display (CLP-600N Only) ~ Buttons ~ Using Control Panel Menus (CLP-600N Only) ~ Accessing Control Panel Menus ~ Overview of Control Panel Menus ~ Information Menu ~ Color Menu ~ Printer Menu ~ Setup Menu ~ Network Menu
  • Using Print Materials
    Choosing Paper and Other Materials ~ Sizes and Capacities ~ Guidelines for Paper and Special Materials ~ Loading Paper ~ Using Tray1 ~ Using the Optional Tray ~ Using the Multi-purpose Tray ~ Using the Manual Feed ~ Printing on Special Print Materials ~ Printing on Envelopes ~ Printing on Labels ~ Printing on Preprinted Paper ~ Printing on Card Stock or Custom-sized Materials
  • Basic Printing
    Printing a Document ~ Canceling a Print Job
  • Maintaining Your Printer
    Printing a Configuration Page ~ Replacing Supplies ~ Managing Toner Cartridges ~ Toner Cartridge Storage ~ Toner Cartridge Life Expectancy ~ Redistributing Toner ~ Replacing Toner Cartridges ~ Replacing the Paper Transfer Belt ~ Replacing the Fuser Unit ~ Cleaning the Printer ~ Cleaning the Outside of the Printer ~ Cleaning the Inside of the Printer ~ Managing the Printer from the Website (CLP-600N Only) ~ Your printer’s embedded web page opens.
  • Solving Problems
    Troubleshooting Checklist ~ Solving General Printing Problems ~ Clearing Paper Jams ~ In the Paper Feed Area ~ In the Multi-purpose Tray ~ Inside the Printer ~ In the Paper Exit Area ~ In the Optional Tray2 ~ Tips for Avoiding Paper Jams ~ Solving Print Quality Problems ~ Understanding Display Messages ~ Common Windows Problems ~ Common Macintosh Problems ~ Common Linux Problems
  • Using Your Printer on a Network (CLP-600N only)
    About Sharing the Printer on a Network ~ Setting Up a Network-Connected Printer ~ Configuring Network Parameters on the Control Panel
  • Installing Printer Options
    Precautions When Installing Printer Options ~ Installing an Optional Paper Tray ~ Installing a Network Interface Card (CLP-600N Only)
  • Specifications
    Printer Specifications ~ Paper Specifications ~ Overview ~ Supported Sizes of Paper ~ Guidelines for Using Paper ~ Paper Specifications ~ Paper Output Capacity ~ Paper Input Capacity ~ Printer and Paper Storage Environment ~ Envelopes ~ Labels
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