Play WinAmp in Yahoo Messenger Chat Rooms

  1. Open winamp and select songs in the computer covetous
  2. Then double-click the volume icon in the lower left and then click the option> propreties> Recording> Showing the volume controls select Stereo Mix and then OK.
  3. Then click on select and slide the volume as much as 2 lines from bottom to top. If more votes will be broken.
  4. Open the tool to lock it, the name Mic Lock if you don't have? download here
  5. Then click the arrow or a small box imaginable drag over the talk button, hold the mouse on it and drag it to the Talk button in the chat room and then wrote off the green.
  6. Now you have the option to lock yahoo talk in the room, to take it off press menu on the tool unkey Mic Lock. If it appears the numbers (the number of users that on VC) in a chat room that you've managed to lock vc room.
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