Optimizing Adsense Earning with Competitive Ad Filter

Lots of ways to increase your adsense earning another term is adsense tips and tricks. One of them by using the Competitive Ad Filter. With these tools, we can filter out ads that only give the value (cost per click) CPC is relatively small. These ads usually come from affiliate websites, MLM or MFA. CPC values its very small $0.01. What do you thinking if click from your website a lot but a small value, then it's time we have to filter out ads that appear.

To perform the check whether the high value web or not, type ads url in your browser. Don't click on yourself because it's against the adsense TOS, you know the consequences?

Competitive Ad Filter Settings
1. Sign in to your adsense account > Adsense Setup > Competitive Ad Filter
2. Input ads url you want to block.
3. Save changes

If an ad doesn't appear, try to reduce the number of ads url filtered.
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