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Oh yes I forgot to post an article about this Toonel when this software is very useful, before I use Toonel because I am still the GPRS connection. Okay with this software is rarely broken connections and very helpful at all for browsing. But after I get paid of online job I decided to use the ONSPEED software, article I posted earlier.

I say rather Toonel used for those who don't have the money to buy the account ONSPEED sarcastic but not mean about that for you, including me who likes to make free ...

Toonel can save bandwidth because it works with the compression system. So Toonel is suitable for the calculation based on the Internet tariffs bandwidth / quotas. Toonel free software you can download it from the official website. If you want to try to follow the steps below :

1. Download in
http://www.toonel.net/downloads.html where there are various types in accordance with flatform Toonel / operating system, for which use windows select it in the category Toonel Generic Swing Package (Linux, Sun Solaris, Windows). You can use Toonel for PDA / windows mobile, symbian, etc.

2. Toonel extension files is *. jar which is an application that can run with Java Runtime. Therefore, please download and install directly from the official server www.java.com the URL : there are two options
http://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp install the Online and Offline select just what you want and read and follow instructions. Before you install java first close all active browser.

3. After the java installation process is complete, enable Toonel software and make sure the proxy settings like this :

4. Browser proxy settings are you using as an example I am using Mozilla Firefox.

In Mozilla select the Tools menu -> Options -> General tab -> Connection Settings...

Then change http proxy to 127.0.01 port 8080

Restart your Firefox!

5. Activate Toonel software and try to browse if you look below Toonel like this, it means that software Toonel status was "running" / active.

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