Change Google logo to Your Own Name

Changing the display Google logo with your name can be done easily. Are you bored with the look of search engine "Google" is from the old model just so? Calm down, now we can change the look of Google with whatever name you seem to be more personal and cool. For example changed to your name, blog name, or want it changed to a girlfriend you can. Want to know How to change the Google logo to your own name? See examples of the display models and cool below!

You can go to and enter the name you want in the text box and hola amigo!, Your own customized Google homepage! Bookmark it or make it your homepage.

Also you can use your site to generate look like this.

If you want a fancier text with glitters, you can go to, enter your desired name /text and select the style you want. Bookmark and set it as your homepage. All search engines above are powered by Google anyway so no need to worry!

Tips for me :
To set in the home page just copy the URL and save it as addres home on the internet browser. Mozzilla using Firefox can select Tools -> Options -> Main, then paste URL address at home page.
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