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Maybe your blog has high traffic, but Alexa Rank difficult to increase below the 200k-100k or Alexa rank of your blog stuck at the same rate when your blog traffic is high enough? I'll try to explain why it happened.

After I analysis in the reality from Alexa is not from web traffic visitors high, but depending on the increase in visitors web/blog from day to day (which is assessed is the level of traffic changes). Do you still confused? Calm down, continue reading...

Easier Let me explain with an example:

Web A first day visitors are 10 then second day 40, third day 90 and continued to experience significant increases every day.

Web B first day visitors 400, second day 420, third day 400, fourth day 420

Although Web B has visitors who are more, but his leap traffic only slightly, while Web A although only tens but visitors from traffic jumps from day to day significantly increased so that Web A Alexa Rank will increase more than Web B.

Ok, while just it tips improve Alexa Rank from me, for SEO Masters please correcting if I am wrong. Thank's
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