How to update PC Drivers

Most people buy their computers from an online shop or from their local PC shop, all the hardware is configured and the drivers are nearly always packaged up as a bundle in case of reinstallation or if the computer breaks down and a new component is needed such as a motherboard or graphics card.
But what happens if these disks are lost and you have no idea what drivers you need to update your computer system? Even by visiting the official manufacturers website locating the exact driver you need can be a tricky and time consuming affair and it is well known that installing the wrong driver can cause serious performance issues with your computer.

Thankfully there is a good driver update software tool that will scan, update and install every driver you need. This software is called Driver Detective and is available as a free download for Windows based computers. It can update yoursound card, video card, scanner, motherboard, modem, wireless network card, printer, keyboard and mouse hardware devices with just one click. We tested our spare laptop and Driver Detective managed to pinpoint 24 drivers that were out of date and after the system scan and new drivers installed the speed of the laptop improved so it was well worth the 2 minutes it took to download Driver Detective.

The software claims to have over 11 million drivers stored in it's own self building database for top brands like Belkin, Toshiba, ATI, Alienware, Creative Labs and NVIDIA. Why not try out Driver Detective and see how mnay drivers your laptop or desktop PC it can find that needs updating.
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