Internet and GPS Access with Modem Sierra 881u

In this article I will discuss my neighbor Sierra 881u modem device, whatever strengths and weaknesses. Hopefully this article can be a reference for those of you who want to buy the 3G modem.

Back when I bought this modem price is still about $100, but listen to hear the price down now to around $90-80.

Sierra 881u modem uses a USB interface that can plugged on your PC or laptop (and don't plug in nose, especially in your ass..ha..ha...)

For a USB modem, Sierra 881u includes a large size. This may be because the modem have not the facilities in other 3G modem, the facility GPS (Global Positioning System).

With GPS you can find out where you are now on the map and determine where you want to go with the help of satellites. This is possible because the modem is embedded a GPS chip.

From my experience even used this modem day stay cool, aka not hot, when you use a different mobile phones / 3G mobile phone as a modem. Mobile you will quickly heat and age-life was shorter.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages Sierra 881u modem :

Excess Sierra 881u modem
  1. support 7.2 Mbps HSUPA (4G)
  2. there GPS facility
  3. cold, not heat quickly
  4. can add an external antenna to strengthen the signal
Lack of Sierra 881u modem
  1. rather large size
  2. USB plug folding model, risk of fracture. use a USB docking solution.
  3. use the additional battery (which is the excess or lack of it?)
  4. not support linux operating system
Sierra 881u modem is HSUPA network support 7.2 Mbps downlink and 2Mbps uplink. But at first I bought was still wearing the setting HSDPA 3.6 Mbps.

To change to the 7.2 Mbps HSUPA mode, you need to give AT command (AT command) to the modem. Here are step step.

Enabling mode at 7.2 Mbps HSUPA Modem Sierra 881u

First you must know the port number sierra modem AT commands on your computer (may differ different case). The following way :
  1. right-click on My Computer icon and select Properties
  2. click the Hardware tab
  3. click the Device Manager button
  4. click the Ports (COM & LPT)
  5. search the Sierra Wireless AT Command Port (UMTS)
  6. note how his COM number, for example COM15, COM18, etc
After that do the AT (AT command) to your modem sierra, the following steps steps :
  1. run the HyperTerminal program in windows by clicking the Start button> Accessories> Communications> HyperTerminal.
  2. on the Connection Description dialog, fill in name (any) and click OK
  3. the Connect To dialog, see the Connect using, select the port number that you noted earlier, click OK
  4. typing AT! HSDCAT = 8 and then hit enter, it will display the message OK
  5. typing AT! HSUCAT = 5 and hit enter, it will display the message OK
  6. restart modem
  7. done, now your modem speed 7.2 Mbps
Activating the GPS feature on Sierra 881u modem
  1. download the firmware for the modem sierra here
  2. SIM card out of the modem
  3. firmware update by running the setup to complete. firmware updates can not fail because of dead lights for example, because it could be fatal for the modem hardware. so make sure you do not power off (use a UPS or a laptop)
  4. 3G Watcher software download new here
  5. do 3G Watcher software update MP by running the setup to complete
  6. modem ready for GPS
To open the GPS menu, run the MP 3G Watcher software and click the Tools menu> Display of GPS. It looks like.

Keep in mind for the GPS with Sierra 881u modem is no SIM card need alias don't need pulse, you need a signal from the satellite over there.

To display the map you can use additional software such as the software that has been equipped garmin maps of course your country.
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