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So far, the only practical way to apply to raise my Alexa ranking is by using Entrecard. With the help of Entrecard is a new blog I built with Alexa 22 million can pass to the 2 million within 3 days. So you can imagine if the optimization with Entrecard in a month, Alexa will quickly below 1 million, even numbers under 500 thousand a month is not that difficult anymore. Here are tips on maximizing Entrecard services to increase Alexa Ranking: 1. Join the EntrecardCreate a free account on Entrecard, by clicking the register. Fill in the requested data. Input your blog data. After that, if accepted and approved blogs enter the widget code provided on the menu get code. 2. Place theEntrecard toolbar Once received in Entrecard, to facilitate the performance, plug Entrecard toolbar with the Firefox browser. This toolbar can be downloaded here. Example Entrecard toolbar installed in Firefox browser3. Drop Entrecard Then after the toolbar is installed login to that toolbar, enter your username and password then login. After successful login you can see a list of our blogs on Entrecard received in the toolbar. Choose one of the blogs that we want to optimize. It is time to drop Entrecard. This kind of blogwalking drop, but more practical in my opinion. The way to select the category that we drop. Then click the button two triangles. So this toolbar will automatically search blogs Entrecard toolbar installed which will open 10 tabs these blogs. Select a category to drop and then click the button two trianglesAfter loading the successful blog page, click on the widget Drop-enter the respective blog. Wait until the drop status changed to thanks. After thanks closing these tabs and look for other categories to open new tabs and repeat the above.  Click on Drop in other bloggers blog widget 4. Campaign When do we get the drop point EC. This point can we use to promote our blog in blogs which installed Entrecard widget. The way is by clicking the Campaign menu. Then select a category on the blog what we want to promote our blogs, and then search. After that point the price will be displayed on the EC of each blog if we are interested in the campaign there. Campaign menu and then select the category of blogs to make campaign Promotion here is the Entrecard widget on my blog will be shown a picture of our blogs widget. So that people are more interested in clicking, Entrecard widget picture make you as attractive as possible and then upload to your blog widgets. That's the way that I apply to increase Alexa ranking quickly. To use the toolbar should have internet access pretty quickly, because the loading page will be very hard to open 10 tabs. After we did the drop, so our blog widget will go into inbox drop menu in the blog that we drop. Usually these blog owners will do drop back so that we will get traffic back from this process. By using this method on average less than one month of my blog can get Alexa under 1 million (between 500 thousand to 700 thousand).
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